Scholas 2021 «Talks without cassettes»

Roberto Woelflin, at the center of the screen, during the virtual meeting on May 18.

On May 18, the first talk of the second cycle of 2021 «Charlas sin casete» («Talks without cassettes», a virtual space for meeting and talking with people and references of the Scholas community, kicked off in Mexico.

With the participation of more than 70 attendees, this first conversation had as its guest Professor Roberto Woelflin, Technical Director of the Argentine Women’s Youth Volleyball Team, who has a successful past in Italy and Belgium leading volleyball teams.

We had the opportunity to learn about his first steps in the world of sports teaching, the challenges that it represented for him to leave his country and lead a new project linked to women’s volleyball in Italy, and how much he learned about gender perspective; Roberto also shared with the participants how the study of this topic led him to reposition himself as a sports teacher and technical director.

The interest and enthusiasm generated among the sports teachers who shared with Roberto Woelfin resulted in the creation of the «Scholas Deporte Community Space,» inaugurated on May 26.

With this initiative they seek to open a space for reflection after the talks that will be programmed in this new cycle, a space where the exchange of opinions and the staging of new ideas can allow them to innovate on the road to sports teaching.

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