Letter of intent I Cyber Meeting of University Students SCHOLAR CHAIRS & Intereurisland

As one of the results of the First International Cyber-Meeting of University Students – Scholas Chairs & INTEREURISLAND held on November 17, 2020, a letter of intent has just been published that gives an account of the purposes of this global initiative, and which we reproduce below:

“As a team of INTEREURISLAND & SCHOLS CHAIRS, professors and university students from different countries of the world, we express the desire to meet, know each other and dialogue across territories, cultures, religions, races, ages, academic backgrounds and any other type, going further beyond any form of prejudice and discrimination, violence and oppression.

We want to share our stories and reflect together on how to be active and prosocial citizens, improving our context (the local) and opening the mind, heart and soul to the global. After the beautiful and significant experiences of the international meetings in Castel Gandolfo (2018) and New York (2019), we wish to continue «Breathing» the World, aware of belonging to a wider community and a shared humanity, and to trace new paths of dialogue and democracy, with protagonism and creativity.

We have chosen November 17, the international day of university students, in memory of the 9 students and professors from various universities of the former Czechoslovak Republic, shot by Nazi troops on November 17, 1939. We are aware that, in this period historically, in many places the right to education, freedom of expression and democracy continue to be denied around the world. Today, in fact, we express our support, our solidarity and our sentiment to the students, professors, technicians and managers of the University of Kabul, in Afghanistan, which suffered a terrorist attack on November 2.

We express our deepest condolences to the families of the victims, reaffirming here and now that the path we have chosen is one of hospitality, dialogue, democracy and Peace.

For these reasons, we are committed to being witnesses of shared values ​​and promoters, together, of a prosocial citizenship that takes deep roots and acts in a concrete way in our context of life and study, the local, and opens our mind, our heart and our soul to the world, the global one ”.

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