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This experience is an invitation to “go back to surfing”.

Envisaged as something more than just a sport, surf was born as a rite, as the spiritual practice of a community. It represents the possibility of being submerged in the chaos of the ocean and flowing with its evolution. It means being nature with nature.

Surf represents the uncertainty and immediacy dimensions of life.
The ocean is the surfer’s book, the surf board is his pen and every wave represents a poem.

On the one hand, Scholas offers a return to the connection with the ocean that transcends us, and while discovering we are part of a whole, we are saved from isolation, and on the other, we reconnect with our senses and harmonize mind, body and spirit to be in touch with ourselves and all mankind.

Scholas Tofo, Mozambique Surf Club marked the beginning of this experience, and today, besides teaching surf, there are spaces for artistic expression and social care to move children away from alcohol, drugs and delinquency. Today, in Tofo, Scholas represents a place of belonging for kids in a town that lacked places for encounter and be physically and spiritually.