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Is it possible in education to open up some time for intensity, for living the present and following one’s heart and not the ticking of the clock? Is it possible to experience education from a genuine standpoint, without ulterior motives and conditions, from a perspective that rather than imposing and stipulating opens up and receives others?

Even though childhood is part of a chronological stage in life, and therefore it’s a stage with a beginning and an end, it’s a moment for living the time and observing reality.

During this three- day experience between 100 and 200 youngsters with different realities get together to live the time, and through the perspective of childhood including games, stories, painting, thinking, writing and photography they rediscover reality as a donation, recovering the capacity of amazement. The experience, unlike others in Scholas, does not have a specific name; just like a child who finds a carton box- every group of children across the world will give it a different name based on their experiences.

Childhood, in this sense, means the possibility to recover contact with life, sot that as from that point, create our own living in this world.