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The initial question: “what shall we paint?” disappears, to make way for chaos that blocks the repetitive process. The paintings are the result of a journey that- by challenging pre-established stereotypes, symbols and languages-create a crisis in the understanding of oneself and reality, enabling a new interpretation with every work.

Every mural is a testimony of the encounter of differences coexisting in the same canvas. It’s a custody of a unique way of seeing reality. It’s the bearer of a new truth, a new meaning.

A beautiful Move

A beautiful move is a set of exciting, meaningful, charming and beautiful stories. Their characters during their passage through this world move us, leaving their color, their creation, their move…They are inspiring stories that invite us to understand every life as a unique and beautiful work of art.

“A beautiful move” comes in search of a moving life, of any discipline that has been loyal to its passion filling the world with beauty. From a white canvas using lines, shapes and stains, the character portrays its beautiful move. Drawing from this visual stimulus and ignoring their origin, a group of youths gives a new meaning to the move, transforming it into a mural.

The whole experience is documented from a poetical point of view, creating an unprecedented audiovisual work. Among others, Pope Francis, Maradona, Ronaldinho, René Houseman, Eric Abidal, Fabio Cappello, and Hugo Mujica painted their beautiful move.