The purpose of Scholas is to help young people live their passion by reclaiming the origin of sports and games, and rediscovering it as an education path and school for life. Sports help develop the social aspects of beings, teaches how to play with others and to prioritize common good over one’s own good.
  • FutVal

    Football teaches to relate work in teams and prioritize the common good over their own. FutVal seeks to harmonize the development of children and youth in vulnerable contexts and involve them with the reality of their communities. To "put into play" resilience, respect, honesty, effort and solidarity spirit.
  • BoxVal

    Through the teaching of various boxing techniques, learning experiences are generated linked to values that are at stake: overcoming, effort, respect, companionship. An educational experience that moves to other aspects of the lives of young people and children in vulnerable situations.

    In Tofo, Mozambique, hundreds of children and young people in vulnerable situations have found a place of belonging to learn to swim and surf. A space for play, art and thought: a new opportunity for life, on the waves.

    Scholas develops workshops and training experiences aimed at physical education professionals, coaches of sports teams in the formal or informal field, with the aim of disseminating, implementing and multiplying their methodologies.