This is the Scholas' founding experience. For six days, between two hundred and four hundred youths from different schools in a same community meet get together to choose two problems that affect them on a daily basis. After deepening the problems, they are responsible for creating solutions that they present to local authorities on the last day.

    After meeting at Scholas Citizenship as a foundational educational experience, this second stage presents young people the possibility of starting a path as educators, sharing their passions and learning with others. Young people discover the pedagogical view of Scholas and learn educational methodologies to put into practice in their community.
  • Think Us

    Programa virtual orientado a la salud emocional de los jóvenes, ofrece una metodología donde el pensar, el sentir y el hacer se armonizan para generar salud emocional al disminuir emociones negativas como la tristeza, angustia y falta de futuro, e incrementar emociones positivas como la esperanza, la alegría y las ganas de hacer algo por los demás.
  • Fanciullo

    In a world that often requires young people to be adults, this educational experience is an invitation to students from different realities to meet and live in the time and world of childhood, to re-know the reality that surrounds them. With play, painting, thinking, writing and photography we work for three days in this common space on the themes of gaze, time and amazement.
  • “_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _”

    There is no mistake in the title ... This experience cannot be described in words, so it does not have a preset name. Young people meet to inhabit the time and the period of childhood. From the game, dialogue, painting, writing and photography they rediscover reality as a “donation”, regaining its capacity for wonder. A new, unique work will come alive.