A month after the start of classes at the Sea and Beach School, young people share their experiences with us

As announced on January 19 by the bishop of the Diocese of Mar del Plata, Gabriel Mestre and the world director of Scholas, José María del Corral, in Mar del Plata the classes began on the 1st February with an experience of School of life based on surfing and art, following the pedagogy proposed by Pope Francis in the call for a global educational pact.

One month after this announcement came true, the first 40 participants share their experiences next Friday, February 26 at 11 am. in the CEB’s Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Chapel (Cliffs). For the closing the students prepared a surprise that will travel to Rome.

Two young participants of the «Sea and Beach School».

More than 40 young people between the ages of 13 and 16 from Mar del Plata attended the School that has been operating since February 1 every day on The Beach of «Acantilados» (cliffs, in Spanish). Young people from neighborhoods as diverse as Acantilados, Lobos, San Carlos, San Eduardo del Mar, Mar del Plata center, Serena, Santa Rosa and Chapadmalal. Some already knew the sea and others were enjoying it for the first time. However, everyone agreed that it was a transformative experience that came at the right time.

Luva, 14 years old, explained: «When we returned from the sea were twenty minutes making the «What’s Up» experience, getting to know us ourselves […], our reactions. It was a very nice experience for me, because I got to know each other a lot […] and they became a very nice family, they helped me […] overcome many insecurities […] I loved being here […] here I am. They gave me a lot of peace, a lot of confidence, a lot of freedom ”.

“It is a totally different experience. You go into the water and you free yourself, you leave everything bad and come out with everything good. […] Now I want to stay. I want this to follow the truth, ”said Adrián, 15 years old.

For teachers, Scholas represents an international educational movement where young people themselves felt accompanied during the pandemic, which brings education closer to the real life of children, working for their emotional health.

The «Sea and Beach School» is a concrete example of how the emotional health of young people can be recovered, working with boys from different neighborhoods based on a proposal that rescues passion from sports, art, the encounter with the another and with nature.


The «Sea and Beach School» is a project promoted by young people from Scholas, who was born in Argentina, managed to cross the sea and reach Africa, more precisely Tofo (Mozambique), where a Surf School was developed that continues to operate. Today, that same sea brought them back to Argentina, but enriched by the experience lived in Mozambique.

On Thursday, February 18, the Holy Father became aware of this initiative, which is a concrete way of expressing the educational pact that he has launched to the whole world, where are participating the local church, the Municipality, SMATA (Union of Mechanics and Allied Workers of Automotive Transport), the Mar del Plata Industrial Park, MANA insurance, Pharmamerican Laboratories and other social actors.

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